Sound effects

Absolutely all the sound effects that make up the composition are created by hand in order to match the atmosphere and mood of the track as much as possible.

No use of standard blanks!

Only live instruments, mastering and fresh ideas.

Order music

Music and sounds of any style can be made to order.

We already have experience in dubbing games and videos and will be happy to take on a new project in which we can create a bewitching, catchy soundtrack that will be remembered by the user for a long time .

Would you like to discuss ordering?

Indie support

We are happy to support interesting, creative and high-quality projects.

We are ready to cooperate with serious-minded teams whose project is at the final stage of development or already in release.

There is an opportunity to complete high-quality work sound design to make the project sound.

For your suggestions, use the page Contacts.




ReFactory - is a mobile 2D strategy game based on the popular PC games: Factorio™, Satisfactory, Factory Town, Evospace in which you have to build an automated factory on an alien planet. To date, among mobile games there is no worthy analogue of Factorio ™, despite the fact that there is interest in such games. Millions of players are waiting for the release of a game with such game mechanics specifically for mobile devices, which is confirmed on forums and social networks.

Project platforms: Android, iOS, WebGL, PC, Mac







Streams on Warhammer 40000: Dark Heresy 2ed and other role-playing systems.

Pandhammer streams Tabletop RPGs, as well as let's plays themed and just interesting games.